So why blog?

Okay, so here I am – 68 years old, somewhat rickety, somewhat tired, but still wanting to do…something. So what can I do at this age? Well, lots of things I suppose. I don’t think I can climb Everest or solve the climate change conundrum, or become a saintly philanthropist at this point. I no longer have the desire to impress anyone with amazing feats of derring-do. About the only thing I can do is write little stories. Stories about what you say? Well, sometimes humourous tales, sometimes sad tales, sometimes tales of great woe. But mostly I want to mine the ore of my memory for things worth telling. Perhaps in the six plus decades that I have trod upon this wretched planet, I might have a thing or too to share.

Oh and perhaps now and then I can write about good books I have read or am reading. Or for that matter, bad books I have read or am reading. I have great respect for writers in general. I know from personal experience how much work goes into the production of a first novel, say, or a play or an epic poem. It doesn’t matter whether that novel or play or poem is absolutely horrible – it is still the child of the author and as such needs my respect. At least I think so. Therefore, books will generally be reviewed with favour I think. If I don’t like a book, I am unlikely to review it. Like my mother used to say: “If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all!” My mother had a lot of wise things to say. I only wish I had listened to half of them before it was too late!

Published by Paul Hughes

I am an older man, nearing retirement, who has always felt more comfortable with the written word than actual speech. As keeping my mind active is important to me and because writing is one of my passions in life, I am entering the world of blogging with a view to sharing some of my life experiences - good and bad - with anyone who has the patience to read about them! God help us all!

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